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Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour

Book in Advance and Save Money!

No reservation times needed.

Simply book your tickets, call in advance (to ensure the helicopters are flying) and Show Up!

Free Parking for Customers at the Helipad.

Book Online Today: Original Price CA$144, Special Offer CA$139.

See Niagara Falls from above with a breath taking Helicopter Tour. 

This tour lasts between 10-12 minutes and will take you on an amazing adventure down the Niagara River and above the spectacular Niagara Falls.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity. All the Helicopters are state-of-the-art Airbus H130 Helicopters and have large windows (you can your camera onto the Helicopter).

Flights depart daily from 9AM until sunset, weather permitting. 

Tour Itinerary

  • 1.


    Takeoff from the Helipad. The experience ground crew will make sure all passengers are safely secured before takeoff.

    3731 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
  • 2.

    Niagara Whirlpool

    Fly by the Niagara Whirlpool and witness one of the most turbulent white water rapids in the world.

    Niagara Whirlpool, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
  • 3.

    Niagara Rapids and Rainbow Bridge

    From the churning rapids, you are taken over the famous Rainbow Bridge.

    Rainbow Bridge, Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  • 4.

    The American and Bridal Veil Falls

    Witness the American and Bridal Veil Falls which make up 2 of the 3 waterfalls that together are known as the Niagara Falls.

    Bridal Veil Falls, Niagara Falls, NY, United States
  • 5.

    The Canadian Horseshoe Falls

    Flyover the magnificent Canadian Horseshoe Falls, the largest of the 3 waterfalls. The view is thrilling, but do not forget to take pictures!

    Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
  • 6.

    Fallsview Area

    See the Fallsview area which is home to other attractions such as; Skylon Tower, Fallsview Casino Resort, IMAX Theatre and much more!

    Sheraton Fallsview Hotel u0026 Conference Center, Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
  • 7.

    Back to the Helipad

    Land safely back at the Helipad (the entire tour takes approximately 10-12 minutes).

    3731 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
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45 Reviews

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the hours of operation?

    We are open 364 days a year from 9:00 am until sunset, 7 days a week (weather permitting). Unfortunately we cannot fly after dark or in low cloud conditions, call before you depart.

    If a Customer Books a Ticket do They Still Need to Wait in Line When They Arrive?

    Yes, typical line wait times are between 10 to 30 minutes; during the busy season the wait time can be 30 minutes to an hour.

    How often do the helicopters take off?

    Every 2 – 10 minutes depending on the how many passengers are waiting.

    How many passengers per helicopter?

    The helicopters seats seven passengers plus the pilot for a total of eight people.

    What is the approximate wait time between flights?

    Depending on how many passengers are in line and how many helicopters are flying, the wait can be anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes. However, we strive to keep the wait to 15 minutes or less.


    Four, 7-passenger, customized AIRBUS H130 helicopters.
    Complimentary taped commentary in 12 different languages.

    Address & Hours of Operation

    Niagara Helicopters Limited
    3731 Victoria Avenue
    P.O. Box 636
    Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada L2E 6V5
    Open Daily, Year Round
    9:00 a.m. until sunset, *weather permitting.
    Closed on Christmas Day.
    *If weather looks poor, please feel free to call Niagara Helicopters Limited for confirmation of flights. There is a minimum weather standard that Niagara Helicopters Limited is legally obliged to meet prior to flying.

    Printed Voucher

    Printed voucher of booking confirmation should be presented to Niagara Helicopters Limited.

    No Fly, No Pay Policy

    If for any reason you are unable to fly, we will NOT charge you. We will issue a full refund (minus the $2.99 convenience fee).

    Additional Facilities

    FREE Parking

    On-site free parking.

    Wheelchair access

    For our less mobile passengers, a wheelchair ramp and lift provides direct access to the helicopters. Niagara Helicopters Limited staff has experience in boarding and will assist all guests.


    Niagara Helicopters Limited carries a limited selection of high quality, Niagara- Helicopters and Niagara Falls souvenirs.

    Photography Products

    Personalized photos taken prior to flight and available for purchase upon landing.

    If a Customer Books a Ticket do They Still Need to Wait in Line When They Arrive?

    Yes – the typical wait time is between 10 to 30 minutes; during the busy season the wait time can be 30 minutes to an hour. Niagara Helicopters Limited does its best to control the bookings to keep the wait time down to a minimum. Please note reservations are given priority.